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Dari Abu Hamzah, Anas bin Malik r.a, khadam kepada Rasulullah SAW, bersabda Nabi SAW :" Tidak beriman seseorang kamu, sehinggalah ia mencintai saudaranya sama seperti ia menyintai dirinya sendiri".

Sempena en.hubby n i cuti panjang yang tak habis2 lagi minggu lepas.. kami berjalan2 sakan..sedikit info lokasi kami :

The Batu Hitam Beach literally means 'Black Rock'. Here, the beach is littered with rocks that are either black or dark in colour.

 Batu Hitam: When you come from Kuantan and as you drive up from Beserah along the coastal road northwards – if you go all the way you will reach Trengganu state after about 50 km-- you will find along the way many restaurants and food-stalls selling local and seafood specialities. the food court building at batu hitam picnic area at the beach another good place for picnic with family

Of course the special dish that attract visitors is the "ikan bakar", or grilled fish. At most restaurants, you can pick the fish of your choice -- some are still alive and kept in the aquarium to allow the customers to choose both the specie and size. The popular fish for grilling is the kerapu, bawal and tenggiri. Even if the fish is not alive, they are usually fresh and usually picked and chosen from the catch of the day and brought out directly from the fishermen’s boat.

black stones : Batu Hitam beach is about 10 km from Kuantan. Its peculiarity is that there is a stretch of black stones at the otherwise white sandy beach. That’s the reason for its name – "Batu Hitam" in Malay means “Black Stones”.

Located 25 kilometers from Kuantan, this beautiful waterfall is easily accessible by road.
The Sungai Pandan Waterfall spans over eleven hectares of nature's best. Consisting of a series of cascading rapids, the waterfall culminates in a large pool which is ideal for cooling off on a hot afternoon. Enjoy a peaceful picnic under the shades of tropical foliage.

sedikit info utk sampai ke air terjun sg.pandan nie yg.. lokasi nie sebenarnya dekat jer ngn rumah en.hubby.. lebih kurang 15minit jer utk kami sampai kesini.. utk tgk a.terjun.. tak payah nak jalan jauh2 dari tempat parking kete jer dah nampak air terjun nya.. beshh.. sgt.. sejuk n mendamaikan.. inilah indahnya ciptaan Ilahi.. Subhanallah..


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